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The Endless River

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Poker is a weird game
  carlosdiaz, Mar 03 2020

"You see, I learned how to win a little at a time. But finally I've learned this: if you're too careful, your whole life can become a fuckin' grind."
That quote from Rounders is hitting me so hard right now.

Despite last year being my best year so far, at this point in time I'm not sure if I 100% love this game or 100% hate it.
Keep grinding? meh, move up stakes or go home? fuck man.

Ever been there?

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let's fuckin' go
  carlosdiaz, Jun 01 2015

Less than 40hrs logged this year, that's about to change.
I'm feeling hungry to play, let's roll!



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vegas report
  carlosdiaz, Nov 26 2014

Hello, I probably should of wrote this blog after I got back from Vegas but what the heck, I'll just write what I remember, I had a very nice trip.
I played 41hr in 6 nights, the first night I just got there I remember being -600 in a 1/2 action/drunk/bingo game at the stratosphere, as soon as I pulled the comeback I decided to call it a day with almost no profit, was in a good game but I wasn't playing my A game, flight got delayed and blablabla I was tired so I just quit and hit the bed, since day1 I went to the Bellagio, this was my first time there and I liked it, found a soft field with a good mix of players and also they don't rake for promos or any shit just rake $4 cap, the comps are $2/hr so I thought overall was a good place to grind.

I played 2/5 for the first time and my impressions are that the dynamics changes a little bit but its not far different from a 1/3 game, my first 30 mins at the table and got stacked lol welcome, effective stacks ~420 villain covers, one limper, hero TT in the cutoff raises to $25, villain in sb calls, bb and limper folds, hu to the flop 2 3 3, he donks $50 I call, turn 4 all rainbow he fires $125, at this point I'm not very sure what should I do, I was new to the table and villain has shown agression against me in previous hands, I decide to call, river is another 3, so board is now 23343, he shoves, I tank for a bit and call thinking I'm beat but whatever if I am I'll just take my beat and move on, he shows QQ, I reload $500 and couple of orbits later doubled up when I opened in late position to $20 with 68o attacking a nit sitting in the bb, I got called by 3 players, 4way pot flop comes 794, sb fires $50 I call, others folds, turn is a T, sb fires $30 I try to look confused and just make a big raise I make it $180, he snap shoves and ofc I call, river is a 9 pairing the board I ask if he's got a boat, he says no so I turn my straight and take it down, made a mistake not seeing what he had, I ended that session with 800+ in profits which mostly came from a calling station lady who doubled up thru me when I pulled a semi bluff against her and she called me down with top pair middle kicker, I beat her so bad after that getting max value from all my hands, her husband was at the table also and I could feel his pain watching her donating all the money to me lol, for the next couple of days I continued playing mostly 2/5 with good results.

The last day I decided not to play much and just enjoy myself with some good food/turism, I bought a ticket to the beatles love show from cirque du soleil so I was at the strip a couple hrs before the show and decided to play 1/3 before getting into the show, I took a big hit with AK vs JJ on AJ83K board in the first orbit, I met this cool guy from Italy who was basically just traveling all around the world getting woman and fun, we kind of became friends right away and just before leaving we got into some big hands, he got the best part, I tried to bluff him on the river and got called, I made a bad bluff and he made a good call, he took like $200 off my stack, the next hand he's on the btn and I'm on the sb, someone raises to $8 he 3bets to $25, I wake up with 77 and decide to call for setmine, it was my last hand before leaving, 3way flop comes Qc7cJc I check, mp checks, italian fires $70 into $75 and I just shove for $315, he doesn't think it too much and calls, he flips over AcKd turn is a 3c river blanks and I muck my hand, I go to the show (which was very nice btw) and sit back in on my way back with the last $300 I had left in my pocket (my money was @my hotel far away) just 5 mins after I sit italian shows up and get a seat right on my left lol, I'm thinking this guy must thinks I'm a whale and he's here for my money, lucky for me I got redemption by beating him, I'm playing $350 he's sitting with $1k+ so I open with AQo in EP to $12 he 3bets to $35 all folds to me, I decide to play it safe and call since AQ has great value against him, he was very aggro, flop comes 2 2 4 I check he quickly bets $50 I call, turn is a 6 all rainbow I check he quickly puts $70 into the pot I'm thinking I'm ahead here and by now I know he's capable of fire 3 bullets without anything so I think at this point I either fold or decide to fully commit with my hand and call with the intention of calling down most rivers, obviously this play doesn't seem +EV but I was just playing by gut at this point against this guy, river is 8, I check and he quickly throws three hundred bills putting me allin, my gut says call, I take a look at him and he gets very nervous and seems so uncomfortable, this made me say call instantly, he's clearly disgusted he shows AJ I turn my hand "we got a hero!" dealer exclaims. This play gave me so much confidence and I stacked a fish right after that with AK>AQ I build my stack up to 900-1k in about 1.5hrs and jump into 2/5 game. I sit there and 10 mins later my italian friend keeps chasing me lol, as soon as he sits he asks me how could I call him with AQ on the previous hand lol, so we play against each other a few more hands me getting the best outta him and then I play a big pot when I opened to $20 on EP with 55, big guy with lot of bling bling min 3bets to $40, big fish calls on bb and I call, flop comes 956, short story ended up allin on the flop the 3 of us, gangsta had AA and the fish 93s lol, I won a nice pot. Few orbits later table broke after fishes left and regs refused to keep battling, I left very satisfied with a nice profit and happy the way I played overall the whole trip.

I think my game is getting stronger as I feel I've evolved a lot in terms of metagame, understanding dynamics, profiling villains, just picking up information that is usally flowing on the table and use it to play my hands/lines properly, it can be very valuable info if used correctly, I think 90% of the players out there don't even notice these things and just sits there to chill and play whatever cards they get dealt, even the regs are just looking at their phones, ipad etc. As for me I think my whole approach to the game has changed in the past year, I've found that mixing live/online works great for me as the online games gives me a much better understanding of how the game really is in the long term and when it comes to live games just feels so much easier to make the correct play + having good skills/intuition helps, I've been also getting lucky when needed so that factor is working to my favour too, at this point I could tell my only goal at poker is just to play the next hand the best possible way. I'm planning a trip to Phoenix, Arizona on December and that will be it for the year pokerwise for me.

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My only purchase was a musicbox and 2 vinyls and I'm hoping to buy some more of my favorite bands, I've never payed for music before but I was happy with my purchase, why not return some little to the music industry after all of these years taking so much. + Show Spoiler +

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Have a good one!

edit - fixed mistake on pic+added bonus

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